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For the first time in my life I used a dry cleaning service. I ended up leaving my clothes for a really long time completely forgetting about that. I was very nervous to go in and get my clothes back, but I was greeted with a huge smile from one of the nicest men. He joked a little bit about my nervousness but he was very kind. My clothes came out perfect and I would definitely recommend using these cleaners. Friendly and Perfect!

Dear Richard and Ellen,

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the best cleaners ever!

I was first astonished at your ability to clean set-in cranberry juice stains from a favorite pair of pale blue dress pants. But the real amazement came from the removal of a beverage stain on a cocktail dress that I had worn once (you had cautioned that the fabric content/stain combination was very difficult to treat).

I truly appreciate your diligence and research to find the best treatment method and your expertise that resulted in a perfect cleaning job. Above all, it is a pleasure to do business with such experienced and friendly people.

Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!




Much Appreciated


They are simply the best


Dee N.

I don’t use dry cleaning services very often, but every year I get my wool coats dry cleaned after the winter season. I almost always go to Harmony Cleaners because they offer some of the best prices around without compromising quality. I once gave in a winter coat that got gum stuck on it from a dirty movie theater and was pleasantly surprised to find zero traces of the gum when I got the coat back.

Pros: Good results and good prices
Cons: Depending on when you go, you might need to wait a while to get stuff back.


Mr. John Forte

absolutely fantastic, great people, superlative dry cleaning, and the best in town



They are the best dry cleaners that I have ever been to. They can always work up a miracle.